In the United Kingdom, growth bonds are being phased out by retirees. Will you be a part of the changing pension industry?

Tontine’s have been around for decades. Originally used to fund wars, then in the insurance industry and now again in the pension industry.
Mathematical robots are designed to provide stable and increasing income to pensioners. No more growth bonds and the small interest they provide. Let’s talk about the better method of retirement for pensioners, tontines.
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Tontines, especially those derived from growth bonds, are undoubtedly the most secure of all pensions available.

They not only do this, but they also provide the most dependable and tested technique of securing increasing monthly income for a lifetime, or at the very least until you reach the age of 120, if you believe you will live that long.
Growth bonds don’t seem to offer anything remotely close.

How it Works

Why a tontine pension?

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Income for 60+ years

Pensioners can receive a monthly income until age 120!
We challenge you to live that long!

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Increasing income each month

Your income will increase faster than inflation. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about growth bonds.

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Lowest fees in the industry

Yearly fees of 1% are substantially lower than anything else

Compare a tontine to other products

Drawdown Pension
Longevity tontines

Provides Lifetime Income that never runs out

The income level offers Value for Money

The Income Rises to protect against inflation

The product charges Low Fees & zero commission

Is Simple & Transparent

The income level offers Value for Money

Is suitable for Islamic consumers

Member assets are held in a segregated trust account

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How safe is the longevity pension?

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Sunlifgt is the best disinfectant

Our pension provides full visibility over the safety and sustainability of your payouts and funds at all times.

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EU compliant

We adhere to the latest safety standards of the European Union pension directives.

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Your data is safe

Personal identities and financial data are secured thanks to cryptography.

Starting with a tontine pension?

To invest in your future today, simply download the app or use a web platform. We'll take care of the rest once you've set up a direct deposit or transferred your pension, so you can relax knowing you've just signed up for a lifetime of income.

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Pensioners say goodbye to growth bonds. The industry is changing, will you be a part of it?

Wall street journal has said:

“Longevity tontines are simply awesome!”

We are providing a better retirement product that is simple to use and adoptable by any present and upcoming generation.

How to invest in a tontine pension?

You can use our platform or app to invest your new pension. We've made it simple to get started, save money, and rely on.

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